Monday, August 31, 2009

My Father's World Day 1

Our Time line
Homeschooling with a 2 year old
Berry Delicious Flags

Well today was our first day incorporating our main curriculum. It's called Adventures in My Fathers World. Today we study the pledge of allegiance and the United states Flag. We made a snack today with yogurt and berries to resemble the flag, this was a big hit and Molly asked if we got to make snacks everyday - thankfully no, but we do have activities scheduled often. We also added to our timeline - I had to redo because I made it on Friday with black electrical tape for the line and when we came down it had come off. All I could think of to get it up quick was ribbon and of course the only color I had enough of Was lavender. Our spacing isn't exactly accurate, but I need more space for the years we are study and Molly got to put on the current year, Genesis 1:1, birth of Christ, a ? at the end and A new heaven and earth. We ate lunch outside and then this afternoon headed outside again with a snack and our chapter book about a viking adventure. As you can see we are busy - especially Keely.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reviving the old blog

This is Molly's daily work - I can add to the boxes whatever we need for the day and we should know where all her books are

This is our tv for math and Art dvds , reading for fun stuff and my keely Tower where I am keeping all the things to pull out to keep Keely busy

our chalk board wall and arts and crafts station

Our White board from Home depot cut to size for me for $12

our long desk with 2 work stations, 1 for me and one for Molly and our book shelf with top for book basket selectons

Molly's first day of 2nd grade picture

Well I figured it was time to start posting again - it's been awhile and we have the website where I can add a lot of pictures without a lot of time but with homeschooling now this is the perfect place to highlight what we are doing in at the 4th Street Christian Academy - that's the name Molly decided on for our school and we are meeting in the basement. Here are a few photos from our first day I sent the girls out the front door to walk to school(around to the back door). We are using My Fathers World for the bulk of our curriculum with math-U-see for math, handwriting without tears.