Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adventures in My Fathers world week 4, Light of the World, Native Americans Universe, Stars

Our Own Village - I went and bought cowboy and indian men from the $ store so they can play with it.
Our visit to Helen's Apple Orchard, now what should I do with all those apples?

A shell necklace like they may have worn - ours was etiable and no longer exists.

We learned how Native Americans painted their faces and what some of the designs were for
Our light switch decoration
Wigwan and Tepees

This was another fun week, but I had to kind of rush it since we took Friday off for a mini vacation to Iowa and southern Minnesota. We did spent a lot of time on Natives Americans, we read the book Naya Nuki about an Indian girl who was captured and then escapes. We also read some shorter books about the way the Natives lived. We also did some star gazing and learned about the sun. Every day we had snack time with a different food the Indians would have ate - we did beef jerky(dried buffalo meat), popcorn, fruit roll-up(fruit leather), pumkin seeds and Indian fry bread. We also had a field trip to the apple orchard. We also made candles that said Jesus is the light of the world.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Adventures in My Fathers world week 3

last week was so great!. I am really loving this curriculum and homeschool in general. I am so glad God is confirming our decision to homeschool and our choice of curriculum. This week was all about Jamestown and Captain John Smith and more Science with air. We finished up a book about John Smith and then started Squanto and finished that book this weekend. Now we can fit in more fun books for week 4 since we are ahead in our reading.

our science game with air to move a piece of paper, we raced several times and this actually kept Keely Busy for quite some time.
In Bible we learned that we are to be like Jesus and talked about WWJD and made a necklace with a kit Molly got for her birthday (thanks Ruth and Miriam)
here we learned that air can hold things in place, even upside down like this cup full of water covered with cardboard. Molly was pretty impressed when the cardboard held in place.
we learned how the people in Jamestown mostly had corn to eat and made corn bread, so we made some that night for supper to go with our chilli on baked potatos
Molly decided she really dosen't like cornbread because it wasn't sweet enough. I said be glad you don't have to eat it all the time like the people in Jamestown did.
Also in Bible class this week we made a sun catcher for the window using crayon shavings with the name of JESUS on it. Keely thought it was fun to blow on the shavings and have them all go flying
This was a little craft I threw in that I found in a book from the library, it's a Jamestown house, but it really was a little dificult and messy.
Keely with one of her new educational toys - she actually played with this one for a while and was able to stack it easily.

Last weekend we took Molly's ships from week 3 and sailed them on the Wisconsin River from Council Grounds State Park, but the water wasn't moving much and we didn't really see them go far. Next week in Native Americans and Molly is excited she is already planning on being Pocohontas for the Halejuah Ho Down this year.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Adventures in My Fathers World week 2

Science Experement - is an empty bottle really empty?
Making the sail for the Santa Maria
Molly's ships

We have now finished our second full week of school and I am loving it, and Molly is for the most part lol. We both have to get used to our new schedule and new teacher. I have been getting some of "that's not how we did in school" but for the most part things are going well. I have to say for me I am loving it and wish I had started homeschooling sooner, but I guess this was God's plan for our family. This week we study Christopher Columbus and his voyage from Spain to North America. We made boats to sail representing the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. We also studied the song "God Bless America" and began our study in science on air - we did and experement with an empty bottle to see if it was really empty or not. Conclusion - it was full of air. We also began our study on the names of Jesus "The Lord Saves"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Adventures week 1

Science experiment

Special project Name Bracelet - we didn't have letter beads, I just wrote with a sharpie on some.

Keely Beading hers
Molly beading her bracelet.

What a good week we had I am loving Homeschool and I think Molly dose too. In our first week we learned all about the American Flag, the Pledge of Allegiance and Leif Ericsson and the Vikings(not the ones in purple and gold. We made special name bracelets to remind us of the importance of a name and how special Molly is and how we chose her name. We also had our first science experement, something Molly had been waiting for, we determined if salt made things float more or not. We have a book basket time where Molly gets to browse books related to what we are studying.