Friday, February 26, 2010

Week 22 Head of the Body, Illinois, Alabama, Going West by Wagon Train, Human Body

Here we were learning in science how our bodies are made up mostly of water and that the same is for fruit, we tested fruits to see how much juice we could get out of different kinds
This was also the week of our AWANA Grand Prix, Molly earned a 1st place for design, she and her dad made this line truck like the one daddy uses at work sometimes

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week 21 The Vine, Robert Fulton, Indiana, Mississippi Plants

Molly's 4H speech contest, she did a reading of prose - she chose Junie B Jones and did a great job reading an exert from the book about Junie loosing a tooth. She's a cloverbud so she can only earn participation ribbons.

Mississippi Mud Pie! We read about how this came about and decided to find an easy recipe for molly to make. It was great and I can't wait to make it again. YUMMY
I'm letting go some and just letting the kids go for it when it comes to crafts
Molly's valentine box for co-op
Valentines party - the girls and their besties

We played a couple of games and had snacks and exchange valentines. This week we studied the first steam Engine.

Week 20 The Vine Louisiana Purchase, Louisiana, War of 1812, The Star-Spangled Banner Plants

Red beans and rice for Louisiana - Molly thought it would be gross, but our whole family ended up loving it.

Our science experiment - do plants need water to grow?
yeah an experiment that actually worked!
Harold and the purple crayon at the Grand Theater.

Week 19 Lamb of God, Pioneers on the Ohio River, Ohio, Animals

Our field trip to the Stevens Point Planetarium, we saw a show about the planets

Home school with daddy - the girls made sheep by tracing daddy's hand and then adding cotton to it.

Week 18 Lamb of God, Eli Whitney, Tennessee, Living Things

Here Molly is gluing cotton seeds to here cotton, then we rolled them up so that the next day she could pretend to pick cotton and remove the seeds
Here she spent forever picking the seeds out. Then we learned about Eli Whitney and his invention of the cotton gin. We also read a book about him and learned about his inventing mass production and his life story.
on her summary sheet for Eli Whitney she decided she would glue her cotton on to it.

Week 17 Immanuel, The Wilderness Road, Kentucky, Weather

Here's Molly's weather vane, we never actually took it outside to actually test it out, but Molly blew on it to see it work
I added a little more map work for each state so we would remember where each state is located better - I have her out line it and highlight it on a cheap wall map($ spot at target) and then add to our large us puzzle and then add each state to a magnet map I found at St Vincents.

Study the state of Kentucky we read about the Cournal Sanders and so we made a tip to our local KFC

my computer needed a new hard drive, so I have gotten way behind, but I hope to get us caught back up on our posting.