Monday, August 30, 2010

Ecc Day 4 & 5

I am now an official lunch lady.  I picked up these lunch trays at St. Vincents and #1 was super excited, she said now I had to be the lunch lady and plop food on their trays and you get what you get.  I said all right, but I'm not wearing a hair net.  #1 went to private school for 2 years before schooling at home,  and while there I let her take hot lunch once a week.  Apparently this was one of the things she liked about school.  Don't look too close at what I am feeding them, lol.  I am trying to clean out the fridge so we can begin our biggest loser challenge on Wednesday.  Obviously I am not putting the girls on a diet, but their will be a lot healthier choices around here for everyone.  Kid friendly lunch Idea's are welcome, please comment.
On Day 4 of week 1  she had to color the continents and label this map and add a compass. We are learning through song as well.  We like the song from Geography songs better than the one in MFW.
We were suppose to do our worm experement, but I have to put it off until I get to Wal-Mart because looking for night crawlers didn't pan out.
This is #1's map to scale of her bedroom, 1 inch = 1 foot.
For Geography she will be making vocabulary cards with pictures on one side and definitions on the backs.  She accidentally drew the wrong picture, so I said we would just switch the words around, so this isn't one of the words for this day.  The TM said to file in a file box, but the cheapest 4X6 file box I could find was 10.00 so I will just put them on a ring and I think they will be easier to review this way.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

ECC Day 3

Tiny Tot's drawing on the chalk board today
A momma and daddy and baby

Determined to make the tallest tower - And yes we had pajama day only 3 days into the school year.  #1 begged me to and I said yes before I realized we had to do an experiment outside.

Here we are in the back yard discovering our backyard habitat.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A day in the life

Here is my entry for the last week of the blog hop
So here it is, this may change and really is more like a "I really hope it goes like this today" list
6:30 wake up, start coffe, unload dishwasher, start a load of laundry and fold the clothes from the dryer if it's full.
6:45 Quiet time - read bible, work on bible study write in my girls notebooks( I keep one for each of them to write down special memories or things they say or I write down prayers I have for them)
7:15 check email, plan breakfast.
7:30 - 8:00 treadmill (this is what I hope to add in to be honest, I have been getting up at 7 so I am hoping by waking up a half hour more I can get this done in the mornings.
8:00 or before kids get up and start working through chore/routine list
8:00 prepare breakfast
8:15 Breakfast, sometimes we read from the bible at breakfast, last year we started with a proverb a day and then did the life of Joseph and then started reading through the life of Moses.
9:00 School starts in the basement, once we go down we work on school till lunch time.(occasional I will run upstairs while kids are working to change the laundry or something quick, but mostly we just get school done.
12 to 1 somewhere in there when we finish our main school day we have lunch
1:00 - 3:00 outside play and then #1 dose spanish, typing and any other computer work, possibly art and works on afternoon part of routing/chore chart(chores, plus exersise
1:00 - 3:00 #2 rests sometimes falls asleep, but not often, I do a little bit of down time(computer or read) make phone calls, pay bills or whatever needs to be done.
3:00 - fire drill time  - straighten up house before DH comes home
3:30 - DH comes home
4:45 I start supper, I usually try to plan it out at breakfast or lunch while I am in the kitchen(I like to make things I can put to gether at lunch time when I can too, that way I can just throw it in the oven at the right time.)
Bedtime is 8:15 and they have to have their bedtime chores/routines done by then and I will read with them for 15 minutes.

On Mondays we have AWANA and DH is the commander so we end up leaving around 5 for that,  On Tuesdays we did have bible study(don't know if that will be the same this year or not) 6:30
On Wednesday at 2:30 #1 has piano lessons and at 5:15 we have dinner with the in-laws  one week at our house, the next at theirs(yay a night off from cooking) Also for September and October I will have a biggest loser meeting at some point (2:00?)
On Thursday's I have Mom's group(ladies bible study) the great thing about this is the kids come with Tiny Tots goes to her class and #2 go with other homeschoolers to work with a room monitor and then they usually play games.  Evenings we are going to have as family devotion night.(we do daily bible in school and at breakfast, but this is as a family)
On Fridays- nothing planned, but it seems like we are on the go a lot visiting my parents for the weekend, camping, vacationing or we have company
Sunday's is Sunday School 8:30(a little early for me, but we manage) then fellowship and Church then set up for AWANA we usually get home about 12:30.  We have officially Made Sunday nights family nights this year since we should all be home - movie, pizza(frozen, home made or occasionally take out) and popcorn - minimal mess and no meal planning.

Day 2 ECC and Pancakes

Well I said we would make pancakes for breakfast(they wanted to make them for lunch yesterday) so I had to follow through.
We used a recipe from #2's God and Me devotional from yesterday for spiced pancakes.  The girls loved them and already said make them again.  Also since they are kinda brown from the spices I may try the 50/50 flour next time, they won't even notice.  I had real maple syrup, but we couldn't get it open so we had them with applesauce and they loved that too.  Here is the recipe if anyone is intersted:
Mama's Spiced Pancakes
2 eggs
2 cups flour
1 cup milk
4 tablespoons canola or vegetable oil
6 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons sugar
1 cup applesauce
pinch of ginger(I didn't have this and it turned out fine)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground clove
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg

for geography we had to draw the world on an orange and then peel it to see how hard it is to take a round earth and make a flat map accurately.  Now our drawing could have been better, but it made our point.
and last of all #2 had her favorite subject today, thanks to Aunt and Uncle who gave her money to spend and she purchased this movie theater play-doh set. Well after one use she has already managed to mix all the colors so her popcorn is sorta a gray brown now.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our First Day of 2010-2011 School Year

We started our day off with a good breakfast of pouched egg on toast and a fruit and yogurt smoothie, I can't guarantee that we will eat this well every morning.  I would love to hear what others feed their kids for breakfast.  Tomorrow is spiced pancakes, because Tiny Tot's  lesson from God and me devotions today gave a recipe and for the activity we are to "share" some pancakes. I love this little book, I did one with #1 when she was little.
#1's first day of school annual picture, she is 8 and starting the 3rd Grade.  I asked her some questions today and here they are;
Favorite color:  Aqua
Favorite Subject:  Spelling
Favorite thing to do: Play with Sister
Favorite movie/tv: iCarly
Best Friend:  Amber
Favorite Animal:  Puppies (nice try)
Tiny Tot is 3 and is doing very informal preschool, mostly play time.
Favorite Color:  Blue
Favorite Subject: Playdough
Favorite thing to do: Play pet shop
Favorite Movie/TV: Dora
Best Friend:  Alison
Favorite Animal: Horses and Ponies
Today's lesson was the Color Red and a God and Me! devotion, the rest of the time was play. #1 and I jumped into our Exploring Countries and Cultures study.  #1 has applied for her passport, and mailed it to the passport office(aka Daddy) and will be waiting for it's arrival in about 4 weeks.

Ready for School

Our new system for chores and routines thank to the inspiration from another blog Being Made New
I am just loving my new laminator!
a closer look, I have chores that rotate and those are the ones that pay commissions as Dave Ramesy put it.

  a look at our work space for school and workboxes adapted for Sue Patrick's book new for us this year
a closer look at our boxes
our new huge laminated map
 our white board - from home depot, cut to size for $12, Tiny Tot's alphabet - garage sale $1
my shelves of fun stuff, mostly to fill Tiny Tots workboxes
supplies to fill my 3rd graders boxes and our book basket books and library books
our chalk board wall, made with chalk board paint and Tiny Tot's work boxes and my old printer to use as a copy machine for a while until I run out of ink.
our student confession - stolen from NTC Christian Academy #1 went there 2 years before we brought her home to school.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not Back to School Blog Hop - Week 1 Curriculum

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Well here it is our learning plan for the 3rd grade

Let me first say that this is a rather large list and that we may not end up doing it all, I reserve the right to chuck anything that isn't working for us and that this is somewhat of a wish list as I do not have everything on this list yet.  I also want to say that I love to pick up things here homeschoolclassifieds

Bible:  Weekly memory verses and reading from Mathew.  Windows on the World – prayer needs around the world.  Missionaries and their specific Character traits using Hero Tales.
Reading:  Abeka Readers grade 3 and various “living books” for each country we study, Heroes for young readers and other grade level books of interest and  Readalouds  - Kingdom tales, Christian heroes then and now series, Trail blazers series
Science:  Habitats using Properties of Ecosystems and Living world encyclopedia.  Animals around the world with the complete book of animals, nature walks and nature journaling. Other experiments such as Amazing Geyser Tube.
Math:  Math–u-see Gamma, Signapore 2A & 2B, flash master, math games on the computer.
Handwriting: A reason for handwriting – finish transition and start Cursive book
Spelling:  spelling Power, Spelling Power task cards, spelling city on computer.
Foreign Language:  Rossetta Stone Latin American, Rossetta Stone Level 1 workbook, watching movies in Spanish, having people we know speak Spanish with us.
Art – finishing Artistic Pursuits book 1, crafts by country with Global Art, fun with easy origami.

Music:  Wee Sign around the world, geography songs, Hymns for a kids Heart vol 2, the recorder using Recorder Fun! Teach Yourself the Easy Way and piano lessons

Health:  Real Fitness 101 games & activities to get fit, Food and You, Magic School bus inside the human body, I wonder why I blink, the story of me books 1&2.

Phy Ed:  Jumpstart Get Moving Family Fitness, Jump rope, Chinese jump rope, training for the presidential fittnes program.  Swim club and possible Gymnastics.

Home Economics: Eat your way around the world, Financial peace jr. teaching kids about money and FPJr. Story books, Life Skills for equipping your child for the real world.