Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Week - Giving Thanks, Thanksgiving, Pumpkins

Molly's hand Turkey
Counting by tens to determine the number of seed in our squash
Hand and foot turkeys
You might be a Homeschooler if you combine bath time with science, history or any other subject.

Indian Vests
Woven place mats for Aunt Kiki and Uncle Nick

Molly's Thanksgiving poem, she read to her uncle on Thanksgiving day

for this week we only did 3 days and spent time learning more about the first Thanksgiving, we did crafts and because I could not find a pumpkin we had to use a squash for science. We had to make predictions about the squash and then through experiments determine the actual. We made predictions on weather it would float, it's weight, it's circumference, and number of seeds.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Week 12 Birds, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Birds

Molly's bird watching binoculars, don't worry dad got out the real ones and taught her how to use them.
Welcoming home troops in Rhinelander

painting pictures from the Nutcracker while listening to songs from the Nutcracker Ballet
Making Peach Cobbler for the state of Georgia
Celebrating with Chocolate the conclusion of our reading of a biography on Milton Hershey for the state of Pennsylvania
Learning to play Monopoly after learning about it's beginning from the state of New Jersey

What a fun week this was. We began a study of birds and are beginning to study each state in the order it became a state. We learn about the state's location, state bird, abbreviation and some other fun facts and whatever we find interesting. For a special field trip we went with my friend Susanne to a welcoming ceremony for troops returning from Iraq. It was a real tear jerker, thinking about these men and women and what they have endured over the past year and their families. When we were leaving Molly said "mom can girls be soldiers too?" " I think I might want to do that someday."

Week 11 Giver of Living Water, President Washington, Water

Molly's liberty bell

Waiting for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe to begin

This week on Monday we went to another play at the Grand and Papa came with. Molly was excited because we got to sit up top this time. It was a short musical version the the Chronicles of Narnia. During this week we study more about the life of George Washington and how he became the first president. We studied more on the revolutionary war and the Constitution.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Week 10 - Giver of Living Water, The Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, The Revolutionary War, Water

We have been using this every night at supper for our water - it says John 3:37 if anyone is thirsty let him come to me and drink.
This is our hasty pudding, not so appetizing as you can see they did not eat much, but that is what they had for lunch and they ate just enough to make it to the next meal, we put milk and sugar on it so it wasn't the worst thing but not one to make again.
Our blueberry ink and quill pen. We used it to sign our John Hancock and then Molly wrote a letter to her cousin using it.
Phy Ed with Dad
The musical 1776

This was a full week and with being sick, we barely got through it. I took Molly to see the musical 1776 at the Grand Theater, the timing couldn't have been better since we just study the first Independence day this week and the Declaration - must have been a God thing. I wish Molly would have enjoyed it more, but compared to The Sound of Music - the last musical we went to - it just didn't measure up in her mind.

Week 9 - Rock, George Washington, Seasons

Tricon hats just like, Molly had to pretty her's up a bit with some lace lol

not such a great week - sickness at our house but we did what we had to finish things up, lucky with homeschool no sick days - I read a lot! We did most books from book basket since Molly could listen to me read while resting.