Friday, January 21, 2011

Sewing class

Molly has been asking to learn how to sew, and I am not a sewer.  For Christmas her Nana gave her a box of sewing supplies and she has been even more anxious to learn.  Then her teacher at Awana gave them a challenge to make something in their likeness and Molly was dead set on making a Doll.  Well she lucked out because I had picked up a sewing video at the library that I thought might be my answer to teacher her to sew even though I can't. The video we watched Yes I Can Sew,  was great, in fact I am thinking of picking up some of Winky Cherry's other books My First Patchwork Book: Hand & Machine Sewing, My First Embroidery Book: A Name Sampler, My First Quilt Book: Machine Sewing ,My First Machine Sewing Book: Straight Stitching,My First Doll Book: Hand Sewing ,(library doesn't have them).  Although they recommended making a dove first, we made the doll.  She could have done better on the hair and clothes, but these were techniques she really hadn't learned yet.

Monday, January 10, 2011

France weeks 14-15

 for art we used our Global art book again and made these silhouettes, not perfect, but not bad for an 8 year old, I think we may do this again sometime with Mom actually doing it all - So I have them for myself to keep.
 Molly made an Eiffel tower out of modeling clay
 More geography terms
 Fun facts about France and Flag facts
 John 3:15 in French
 and we did lots of cooking - we went ice skating with some friends and when we got back we made french hot chocolate

 another Global Art masterpiece, we maid decorative soap - I didn't have a double boiler so I thought we would try microwaving our soap pieces and well - not so mcuh, they ended up with a couple of shapes, we will see how they last in the tub.

 French Onion Soup

 French Bread, we also made French Toast for breakfast at Grandma's house.
 And Chocolate Mousse
While studying France we also had a mini Disney Movie Marathon - we watched Little Mermaid, Aristocats and Ratatouille  I also checked out some travel videos.  We started reading George Mueller and read about William Tyndale in our Hero Tales book.  I rented the Tourchlighters Video from Amazon on Demand to watch about Him.

December a break from regular studdies

 OK, I realize that all these pictures are sideways, but for the sake of getting caught up, I will leave it.  This month between me being sick and J being off work for foot surgery and around the house we had a lighter month - we took time off of our regular studies with My Father's World and used a Unit study from Notgrass Company called  Celebrate the Season and we loved, loved, loved it!  The first part of the book took us through the bible covering both old testament prophecy and new testament account of the birth of Christ with fun pages to fill in and puzzles to complete and had us make a baby book for Jesus.  The second half of the book took us around the world learning about traditions, which fit in well with our regular studies.  We continued with our usual studies in Signapore Math, A reason for Handwriting, Spelling Power, Abeka Readers, Just Write, and First Language Lessons ( I just ordered Easy Grammar and Daily Grams for us to try this second semester.)

 We also took time to make cookies, decorate the house, make gifts and wrap gifts.  We also read the book The Christmas Doll and would recommend it to you all for next year (I cried a couple of times, making it hard to read-a-loud at times and giving my daughter a reason to pick on me for crying so easy).  For advent we read the book Jothams Journey - again I would recommend this, each day you read a section of the story and light your candles. To add to our collection of Christmas books(I put them out with the decorations and I always write the year we got them on the inside cover, we got The Legend of The Candy Cane, we had J is For Jesus the board book but this is a little longer version of a similar story.  We also watched a few Christmas movies - I just love the cheesy made for tv type holiday movies.  We watched The Best Christmas Pageant Ever a favorite of ours (a great read also), A Denis the Menace Christmas, Veggie Tales: Saint Nicholas.  I know there were a few others but again I didn't post it soon enough and I have totally forgotten now.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and took a little time off to enjoy the holidays.

yes, I know "You do Santa?!?" well I have to have a picture every year, we don't play it up hugely, we tell the kids it's a fun game to play, like believing their is a Yogi bear at the place we camp, and they leave him cookies and Pepsi ( since their da..errr Santa likes it better) and they get a present from him - which #1 totally knows who to thank for it.
 Christmas eve -#1 was a child and sang in our church program.
 Our traditional - Birthday Cake For Jesus, made with Grandma.