Saturday, November 28, 2009

Week 12 Birds, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Birds

Molly's bird watching binoculars, don't worry dad got out the real ones and taught her how to use them.
Welcoming home troops in Rhinelander

painting pictures from the Nutcracker while listening to songs from the Nutcracker Ballet
Making Peach Cobbler for the state of Georgia
Celebrating with Chocolate the conclusion of our reading of a biography on Milton Hershey for the state of Pennsylvania
Learning to play Monopoly after learning about it's beginning from the state of New Jersey

What a fun week this was. We began a study of birds and are beginning to study each state in the order it became a state. We learn about the state's location, state bird, abbreviation and some other fun facts and whatever we find interesting. For a special field trip we went with my friend Susanne to a welcoming ceremony for troops returning from Iraq. It was a real tear jerker, thinking about these men and women and what they have endured over the past year and their families. When we were leaving Molly said "mom can girls be soldiers too?" " I think I might want to do that someday."

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