Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Week 14 Jesus is The Way, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, Birds

Science gone bad, we are reading Farmer boy in the little house series and Almonzo takes a cup of popcorn and adds it to a cup of milk and it's supposed to fit, I don't know why ours did not work.

Molly has been begging to learn cursive, so I got out this dry erase book to practice letters, I will let her work on it a few minutes a day and see how she dose. I have been trying to tell her her printing is not perfect yet and maybe we should work on that before cursive.
In Science we have been learning about the state bird for each state we study. We learned about Robins and then made a robin's nest. Mud - chocolate and Peanut Butter, dried grass - shredded wheat, twigs - chow mein noodles. We were suppose to use green grapes for eggs but all I had was red so not all that authentic.

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