Monday, October 20, 2008

Catching up after almost a week without posting

Keely got sick Wednesday night, so I skipped moms group to be on the safe side - Keely is doing fine, must have been something she ate??? I stayed home and did some reading and finished the book 90 Minutes in Heaven a really good book about a man who was in a bad car accident and was dead for 90 minutes and his experience and recovery. I borrowed it from the library, I also finished up a book called cheap talk with frugal friends - lots of ideas on how to save money, picked up a few ideas, but nothing too exciting/

Thursday afternoon Papa watched Keely so Molly and I could attend a 4-H meeting. The kids painted gourds and mini pumpkins for an activity. Molly of course managed to get paint all over herself and ruin a perfectly good dress, while having a wonderful time. We may attend another club meeting before deciding to join, but Molly is excited about it.

On Friday my parents came to visit and brought little buckets of goodies for the kids - a pumpkin flash light, books, M&Ms, smarties and for Molly a nail kit. The Kids just love it when they visit. Keely even called dad "Gran pa pa". They babysat for us Friday night while J and I went to Bible study. The next day made liver for us for lunch (a favorite of Molly and I), Jason had to leave the house so he would not have to smell it lol. Saturday night my parent took us out to eat.

On Sunday after church we had a Baptism at a hotel and the kids could swim afterwards. Several people were baptised including Molly's young friend Zane. It was encouraging to see these people being obedient to the Lord and growing in their faith and relationship with Jesus.

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