Friday, December 19, 2008

visiting santa

A couple of weeks ago I took the girls to see Santa or as my friend Karen calls him Satan Clause. Keely wouldn't go near him even when bribed with candy. Molly as always had no problems talking Santa up and asked for a puppy for keely since she would sit with him and for herself a cat(which my parents already said no to), an American girl doll and bendaroos(which I will tell you "santa" had a hard time finding since they are an informercial item, but at last thanks to Walgreens and a helpful manager who had them sent from another store for me - Santa will deliver the desired goods). Now I will disclose here that we have told Molly that Santa is a game we like to play at Christmas and we can all be Santa when we want to give annomonously just to see the joy of the recipient and that "santa" is probably someone she knows verry well. I think last year she really wanted to believe that this santa was the real deal despite me telling her this, but then she left pepsi for "santa" because her santa probably prefers this to milk lol.

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