Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Exploring Countries and Cultures week 7 & 8 - Canada

 Our Canadian feast - we used the book Eat your way around the world to make Maple Chicken and blueberry crisp - they also had a recipe for wild rice, but I had some brown & wild rice blend at home that we made.  I love this book, the recipe's are all just a few ingredients and easy to make.

 #1's Inuit soap carving from Global Art, it's a puppy dog .  We learned all about the Canadian Inuits and read a book called Tikitak or something like that.
 We learned, but did not memorize the Canadian Providences and Territories due to lack of time, but the Geography songs cd had a song for this on it.
we are learning John 3:16 in the language of the countries we are studying.
 We did leaf stamping with a maple leaf
The girls have been coloring pictures of kids around the world to decorate our classroom, I usually do a read-a-loud while they color.

Our favorite part of Canada was probably reading Anne of Green Gables and then watching the movies, we only read book one, but would love to read the whole series in the future.