Monday, October 4, 2010

Exploring countries and cultures week 4 - United States

 I found this great site that has done all the work for me for our weekly memory verse, I am having #1&#2 do the coloring page, #1 doese the copy work the next day, then dictates the next.
We used out giant floor size usa puzzle from last year, and it went together so much quicker since we have been memorizing the locations of all 50 states.

 This was a fun activity where using only 4 colors she had to color the states without 2 of the same colors touching, she only had one mistake and caught herself and changed it midway.
 for an american craft we did quilting, the non sewing way lol. They had fun making these cardboard quilts.
 In science we got out the national geographic tree guide again and #1 looked up trees and drew their leave.
 learned a little about the flag, really a review from last year, but we will do this for each country we study
 Testing of the 50 States, I gave her a list with all the postal abreviations on it and had her label.  Thanks to our music lesson on geography songs she was able to do this relatively quickly, I did one too, and mixed up 2 of the states but not bad, I am sure I would not have done nearly as well a couple of weeks ago.
one of the books we use for science, Living World Encyclopedia has great issustrations, #1 can pick something intersting and add it to her nature/science journal/notebook

 of course with everything we study there is food, my kids love to bake and EAT lol, since we have been trying to eat a little better around here, we have been sharing our treats - we made Mountain trail mix that #2 took as her snack to MOMS group.
We then made this New England Pumpkin bundt cake YUM!, we made it on our night for dinner with the grandparents, so we could share(I then made it again as pumpkin bars to take on my day to bring treat to MOMS and then gave away many of the leftovers)

Other things we did this week include finishing up the first section of Kingdom Tales, Tales of the Kingdom #1 really likes this and understands it way more than I thought she would.  In bible time we have been reading from Hero Tales , we learned about Moody.  We read a book called  The hundred Dresses and we are still working on Betsy and Tacy go over the hill.  I am sure we did lots more, but since I am catching up I can't keep it all straight.

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