Monday, January 10, 2011

Norway weeks 12-13

 Well here it is January and I am just getting around to posting again.  We spent time studying Norway and some surrounding countries.  The bad thing about me not posting sooner is I have already forgotten all the fun things we did while studying these couple of weeks.  We did read the book Heidi and watch the movie I still want dds to see the Shirley Temple version someday, we also watched the movie the Silver Skate which DD1 really liked and the girls were skating around here for awhile on catalog pages on the carpet lol.
 They made rosemalling(their version anyway) patterned chest from our art book Global Art.
 We borrowed a friends waffle maker to make some Belgium Waffles.

 they made another art project from our Global Art book again totally her version - I don't know if this is a good creative thing but she never wants to follow the example lol.
 some of our Children Around the World coloring pages - #2 always wants to color the people, but I can't get her to use more than 1 color.
#1 had her Christmas Piano Recital during this time too.

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