Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Adventures week 1

Science experiment

Special project Name Bracelet - we didn't have letter beads, I just wrote with a sharpie on some.

Keely Beading hers
Molly beading her bracelet.

What a good week we had I am loving Homeschool and I think Molly dose too. In our first week we learned all about the American Flag, the Pledge of Allegiance and Leif Ericsson and the Vikings(not the ones in purple and gold. We made special name bracelets to remind us of the importance of a name and how special Molly is and how we chose her name. We also had our first science experement, something Molly had been waiting for, we determined if salt made things float more or not. We have a book basket time where Molly gets to browse books related to what we are studying.

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