Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adventures in My Fathers world week 4, Light of the World, Native Americans Universe, Stars

Our Own Village - I went and bought cowboy and indian men from the $ store so they can play with it.
Our visit to Helen's Apple Orchard, now what should I do with all those apples?

A shell necklace like they may have worn - ours was etiable and no longer exists.

We learned how Native Americans painted their faces and what some of the designs were for
Our light switch decoration
Wigwan and Tepees

This was another fun week, but I had to kind of rush it since we took Friday off for a mini vacation to Iowa and southern Minnesota. We did spent a lot of time on Natives Americans, we read the book Naya Nuki about an Indian girl who was captured and then escapes. We also read some shorter books about the way the Natives lived. We also did some star gazing and learned about the sun. Every day we had snack time with a different food the Indians would have ate - we did beef jerky(dried buffalo meat), popcorn, fruit roll-up(fruit leather), pumkin seeds and Indian fry bread. We also had a field trip to the apple orchard. We also made candles that said Jesus is the light of the world.

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