Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week 6 Bread of Life, New Netherland (New York), Bread

our art work, I am using something called art with a purpose that I picked up somewhere since Molly didn't care for the other program we had. We learned how to draw trees and then put blossoms on for spring, we will continue with this lesson till we do all four seasons.
Our science experement - just cloned the pictures together to show how the balloon gradually got bigger
shake shake shake

It was a pretty good week except for one day when Molly was less than thrilled about doing school. Molly is enjoying piano lessons and our Thursday afternoons where we get together with 3 other homeschooling families. We took a field trip this week to the Brickyard School house in Merrill. They did a nice job, I think it is kept up by the historical society and then all retired school teachers volunteers teach the kids for the day. Molly joined the first grade class from St. Johns and it was great because they learned the Johny Appleseed prayer and sang a song about Jesus. We are learning about Jesus being the bread of life and in science are studying yeast, we did an experiment mixing yeast and sugar to blow up a baloon, my baloon was really small so I don't know if it would have gotten bigger had I used a bigger one. We also made butter this week as we studied about the early settlers from Holland and how they brought over animal such as cows and all the uses they had for the milk. It took us about 10 minnutes to make butter and it really tasted good. I also let the kids have a pajama day on Friday since we didn't have to go anywhere that day.

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