Saturday, October 17, 2009

Week 7 Bread of Life, Pioneers in Michigan, Bread

Experimenting with Flour - paitence mom it can be swept up, this is learning right
We made play dough and then that afternoon her and Keely played with it. We tried baking some of Molly's creations, but they didn't turn out so well, it was like they leaked out or somthing. I think they were just too thick.

Molly made a Jesus is the bread of Life napkin holder, which I now proudly display full of napkins on the diningroom table. The directions said to use a cracker box, but the pattern seeme too big for that box, plus my napkin would not have fit. Luckly I had this old camera box.
Kneading our bread in the kitchen aid. I really just wanted to get this bread made and with the least mess possible, but baking with kids is never all that tidy.
The bread turned out good, but we may have cooked it a little too long, it was pretty dark.
Molly's canoe, we were suppose to fold over some paper and punch holes and sew together, it was kinda generic but Molly liked it.

We had a great week of school. We learned about the french settlers and their use of canoes. Last week we did yeast experiments this week we did flour/dough making play dough and bread dough. We cheated a little and used the kitchen aid mixer instead of kneading by hand for 10 minutes. We made mini loaves of bread for 2 of our neighbors including a picture stating Jesus is the Bread of life and our verse from this week. I am going to try adding a unit study from a book called potraits of an american girl or something like that using the American Girl series. I am going to take and combine the unit on Felicity over the next 3 weeks I think it should fit in nicely, I just hope we don't get overwealmed, it's suppose to be fun, since Molly and I are big fans of the dolls and books (thanks Grandma!)

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