Saturday, October 3, 2009

Adventures in My Fathers world week 5 - Light of the World, Mayflower and Pilgrims, Stars

Molly with her star gazer we made from a pringels can we added this project at the suggestion from another MFW user since we have been studying about constellations
Here Molly is making an oiled paper like the pilgrims may have used or oiled clothe for windows since they did not have glass.

Here she is holding it up to the window to see if more light comes through the oiled one or not. We also experimented with water.
Here is Molly's constellation dragon in hammock which we made by marking a paper with white crayon stars and then painting over it with water color paints, also a suggestion by another mfw mom
The girls made Jesus is the light of the world sun catchers with crayon shavings melted between wax paper.
The last thing we had to do this week was plant corn like the pilgrims would have. We learned how Squanto had taught the Pilgrims how to plant and to burry 3 fish along with the corn ( we made paper fish, I've heard it can get pretty stinky otherwise. Pray that our corn will grow, I just used popcorn and in the past I have not been to good with growing things. If you have ever been to our home you may have noticed I do not have a single plant. We are suppose to keep track of the corn and save it for Thanksgiving.

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