Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the 5 love languages of children

O.K. I finished this book last night, I was already somewhat aware of the different love languages but some things I took away...... I knew DD #1's love language was gifts but I found out her secondary love language was quality time. I think for DD #2 it could change but for now is definitely touch as she has always been clingy and loves to touch us ALL THE TIME. I also noted that someone usually shows love the way they want to be loved and it dawned on me how important the gifts #1 gives me are love and the way I respond to them is very important to her - Gifts is not my love language so I sometimes tend to be a little indifferent to them.
I am going to check out the original 5 love languages from the library next to skim over. You can take the love languages quiz for adults at http://www.5lovelanguages.com/assessments/30-second-quizzes/love/ it's just a short generic one, the book has a longer one and will give you your secondary love language as well. I think mine is words of affirmation and secondary acts of service(but to me this is not necessarily cleaning, it's run and errand for me, carry my groceries in, take things out to the van, open a door, watch the kids etc;)
So if you have read 5 love languages or thought about this before leave me a comment with your thoughts or even what your love language is.


K. Humiston said...

Does J read your blogspot? Maybe you could've included a few MORE specifics=) The org. book sounds a lot like the kids, only with ex. of adults. Good reads.

Becky said...

I don't think so K. but I think I will have to direct him to this post - maybe we can read the book together????