Sunday, September 19, 2010

Exploring Countries and cultures week 3

In Bible we have been learning about religions and beliefs around the world and how that compares to the bible and belief in Jesus Christ using the book Windows on the World and focusing on the fact that Jesus didn't come for some people but for all people.
This week, our 4th week of school, 3rd week of our curriculum we started studying the United States.  We just finished a whole year of this, so I wasn't sure how much we would learn, but since this is a year of geography we are definitely learning new things. We did a lot of locating things on the map and then on the globe.
We also have been spending time memorizing the locations of the states.  We didn't do this last year, we did spend time locating them, but we are actually working on being able to fill in a blank map and again I LOVE the Geography Songs Cd for this and our Geopuzzles.
for art we did sand art suggested in our book  Global Art the good thing was we did this outside so no mess!
we read the book How to make a Cherry Pie and see the United statesHow to Make a Cherry Pie and See the U.S.A, then made a pie

Other things this week to keep us busy included the start of AWANA again at church, where #2 started as Cubbie.  She was very shy at first, but warmed up and had a great time.

Ready to go to story time at the library on Wednesday mornings with a dear sweet friend willing take along another tiny tot.
The start of Gymnastics at the Y
and then over the weekend

A visit with Grandpapa and tea with Grandma


Victoria said...

It looks like you are one week ahead of us in ECC. I am enjoying seeing what you have done. This weekend, I will be posting a few pix of our 3rd week of ECC also.

Shana said...

Looks great! You are like the energizer bunny of homeschooling. :) The girls especially look like they are enjoying the processes. Go, Becky!