Saturday, August 27, 2011

Meet the Students

 Here's K the baby of the family at this point, she's 4 and very funny and super loveable, she loves to snuggle and hug a lot, but this makes it difficult sometimes when trying to school #1.

 Here's #2 -  M, she's 9 and super fun loving although we have our days when we clash(not because either of us is strong willed or anything).  She loves to draw, sing and play with friends.

 These are our main curriculum material for the year. K is super excited to officially do school, although it's pretty light and I don't plan on pushing too hard.  I want her to have plenty of time to just play.

 They really are loving sisters and play together quite well despite the age difference, maybe this is because we homeschool or because when they fight I tell them they must be best friends or we won't have other friends over hee hee.

and teacher and students - not the best picture since we did the reach and shoot method.  The girls are sporting their back to school outfit - yes I said outfit, the beauty of homeschool we don't need a closet of new clothes every fall.  We did get a few new things since there have been some good sales.  I actually bough M several new Jammie pants since that's what she like to wear around the house and they work well for swim club too.  Also you will notice they don't have shoes on, again we don't need to wear shoes at home, but the truth is they do need new tennis shoes we just haven't gotten around to getting them since it's been summer and they live in flip flops.

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