Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Fist Week (week 0)

Well I'm calling this week 0 since we didn't really begin our main studies, but I needed to share about our first day and the following day.  We started our day out with our yearly photo shoot in front of the tree(I already posted those pictures).  Then the girls requested that we pretend to drive to school, so we all hoped into the van (bare foot of course) and pretended to drive to school.  We then had breakfast.
A most nutritious breakfast of french toast bake and chocolate milk.  This was M's request, I did make it with whole wheat bread, but that's  the only thing good about it lol.  Next they went downstairs to the schoolroom to see what surprises I had for the first day.
 For M a new NIV bible, I also bought tabs, we are working on adding them.  She was using an early reader version, so she can hand that down to K.

For K Hot Dots Jr, she love them!

Then we did some basic stuff, Spelling, English, coloring of our time line pieces, some reading and then the FUN STUFF - we did 2 of the experiments from our mind blowing science, the picture is of color changing water.
Then some art.  We did the first assignment from Keely's book The Way They See, Artistic Pursuits If you can see K's picture it's of a pregnant lady.  At first she said she's fat cause she's having a baby.  I had to correcter her and tell her it's not fat it's pregnant and she better not refer to it in those terms lol.
The next lesson was from M's book Artistic pursuits book 1that we are finishing up from last year.  It was on sculptures and so we were making them from construction paper.  Here's K's that I helped with some - it's Duke our friend's great dane.

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~ Kristen J. ~ said...

LOVE that you pretended to drive to school! (I can see you all in your bare feet-- makes me giggle, and I love to giggle at my age!=)