Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Classroom

 So after 2 days(I wanted to start School on Wednesday, but had to start on Thursday) of rearranging an organizing we were ready for school.  I moved our big map to our chalk wall and plan to get a book shelf for art and Science supplies to go against the wall there to the right of the map.  Then there's the  computer desk I picked up at a garage sale and hope to have a desktop for soon for the girls to do Rosetta Stone Spanish, Computer Activities Through the year, Typing Instructor, Vroot and Vroom, Building Thinking Skills and to watch educational videos like Times Tales, Letter Factory and such.  If you have any preschool computer recommendations I would love to hear what you use.
 Here is Keely's new work area.  I hope to give her 4 activities(educational toys) per day in the 3 big drawers and her work in the smaller workbox drawers.
 Molly's spot remains the same and workboxes the same.  She is showing off the cool folder and notebook she picked out.
 My spot and my coffee, Side note I love this nissan thermos coffee mug, coffee stays hot all day and it has a pop up lid so no more spill, well hardly ever sometimes I forget to close the lid hee hee.
 our white board(shower board from Home depot) and our art/science table.  It's a little high for Keely so I had to bring down the youth chair.  Toy bins , I have to keep some toys for Keely so they have littlest pet shop and little people to play with and a few miscellaneous one.  Sometimes Keely will set up to play and Molly will ask for a break to play with her awhile - this works good sometimes if I need to grade something or set up for a project.
 This is our new calendar area, I don't think we'll go through everything daily, but a few things each day. Some of these I got from  the actual calendar from Target dollar spot.
Here is a shot of my bookshelves and book basket books for the first week.  I kinda have a system for library books between the blue milk crate and the book stand.

Well there you have it our wonderful space in the basement we have been blessed with.  Sometime I wish we did school on the main floor but then I think how blessed are we to have a space for everything and plenty of room for projects.  Thank you Lord for knowing what we needed before we ever knew there was a need.
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