Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ECC week 2

Just a sample of things we did this past week.  Learning about scale on a map, #1 traced her hand and then made a smaller scale drawing of her hand.
The Worms.  After having to put this off a couple of days because I couldn't find any worms in our yard.  I picked some up at the gas station/bait shop.  We were to observe the worms in their habitat to see what their niche was.  We layered dirt/sand/dirt/oatmeal. From our science Properties of Ecosystems
Day 1
day 2, you can see some movement and the worms definitely made their way down.
day 3 maybe a bit more movement.  We were suppose to see how the soil and sand get all mixed up showing how the worms niche is to make fertile soil.  I didn't get a picture of day 4 of the experiment as we had to take it on vacation with us.  I dumped them out on day five and they were still alive!
This is #2 version of children around the world from Global Art
and here is #1's she spent so much time on the first 2 making clothes and hair that she just made a brown boy for the last one lol.
and last but not least continuing in our artistic pursuits art program #1 had to do a still life painting with watercolor crayons.  I didn't have a pretty bowl of fruit or anything like that handy so I grabbed #1's earlier workbox contents and said "here paint this"

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