Monday, August 30, 2010

Ecc Day 4 & 5

I am now an official lunch lady.  I picked up these lunch trays at St. Vincents and #1 was super excited, she said now I had to be the lunch lady and plop food on their trays and you get what you get.  I said all right, but I'm not wearing a hair net.  #1 went to private school for 2 years before schooling at home,  and while there I let her take hot lunch once a week.  Apparently this was one of the things she liked about school.  Don't look too close at what I am feeding them, lol.  I am trying to clean out the fridge so we can begin our biggest loser challenge on Wednesday.  Obviously I am not putting the girls on a diet, but their will be a lot healthier choices around here for everyone.  Kid friendly lunch Idea's are welcome, please comment.
On Day 4 of week 1  she had to color the continents and label this map and add a compass. We are learning through song as well.  We like the song from Geography songs better than the one in MFW.
We were suppose to do our worm experement, but I have to put it off until I get to Wal-Mart because looking for night crawlers didn't pan out.
This is #1's map to scale of her bedroom, 1 inch = 1 foot.
For Geography she will be making vocabulary cards with pictures on one side and definitions on the backs.  She accidentally drew the wrong picture, so I said we would just switch the words around, so this isn't one of the words for this day.  The TM said to file in a file box, but the cheapest 4X6 file box I could find was 10.00 so I will just put them on a ring and I think they will be easier to review this way.

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rawbanana said...

My girls each have one of those trays too-very handy. Love the pictures-looks like you guys are enjoying school!