Saturday, September 3, 2011

Preschool week 1 Obedience

We are using Character Concepts for Preschoolers from The Learning Parent this year with K.  After the first couple of days I realized I was going to have to spend some time scheduling(putting it on a weekly grid) what we are to do for each day.  It's really not much at all, but being blessed by MFW and the handy guide, I prefer to be able to look at one page for the week and check things off as we complete them.  So I have a little work to do there but then things should be super easy from there on out. Our Main Studies this week have been obedience - doing what is expected of me, cheerfully, immediately and thoroughly.  We spend time with flash cards to drill alphabet and our character/definition and a bible verse.  We also played a fun game outside where we ran around listening for directions and being obedient to do what they were told.  Crawl, jump, roll, run, you get the idea.

A lot of K's school time is spent playing with puzzles, games, play doh and whatever else I throw at her while I work with M.

Once a week we will bake together.  Now you can see how we like to eat our vegetables.  Someone gave us some zucchini and we were having company for dinner so a chocolate chip zucchini cake was called for.
we are reading a book about seashores and then we made a wave jar with water and oil.

more Mind Blowing Science.

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