Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our First Day of 2010-2011 School Year

We started our day off with a good breakfast of pouched egg on toast and a fruit and yogurt smoothie, I can't guarantee that we will eat this well every morning.  I would love to hear what others feed their kids for breakfast.  Tomorrow is spiced pancakes, because Tiny Tot's  lesson from God and me devotions today gave a recipe and for the activity we are to "share" some pancakes. I love this little book, I did one with #1 when she was little.
#1's first day of school annual picture, she is 8 and starting the 3rd Grade.  I asked her some questions today and here they are;
Favorite color:  Aqua
Favorite Subject:  Spelling
Favorite thing to do: Play with Sister
Favorite movie/tv: iCarly
Best Friend:  Amber
Favorite Animal:  Puppies (nice try)
Tiny Tot is 3 and is doing very informal preschool, mostly play time.
Favorite Color:  Blue
Favorite Subject: Playdough
Favorite thing to do: Play pet shop
Favorite Movie/TV: Dora
Best Friend:  Alison
Favorite Animal: Horses and Ponies
Today's lesson was the Color Red and a God and Me! devotion, the rest of the time was play. #1 and I jumped into our Exploring Countries and Cultures study.  #1 has applied for her passport, and mailed it to the passport office(aka Daddy) and will be waiting for it's arrival in about 4 weeks.

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