Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A day in the life

Here is my entry for the last week of the blog hop
So here it is, this may change and really is more like a "I really hope it goes like this today" list
6:30 wake up, start coffe, unload dishwasher, start a load of laundry and fold the clothes from the dryer if it's full.
6:45 Quiet time - read bible, work on bible study write in my girls notebooks( I keep one for each of them to write down special memories or things they say or I write down prayers I have for them)
7:15 check email, plan breakfast.
7:30 - 8:00 treadmill (this is what I hope to add in to be honest, I have been getting up at 7 so I am hoping by waking up a half hour more I can get this done in the mornings.
8:00 or before kids get up and start working through chore/routine list
8:00 prepare breakfast
8:15 Breakfast, sometimes we read from the bible at breakfast, last year we started with a proverb a day and then did the life of Joseph and then started reading through the life of Moses.
9:00 School starts in the basement, once we go down we work on school till lunch time.(occasional I will run upstairs while kids are working to change the laundry or something quick, but mostly we just get school done.
12 to 1 somewhere in there when we finish our main school day we have lunch
1:00 - 3:00 outside play and then #1 dose spanish, typing and any other computer work, possibly art and works on afternoon part of routing/chore chart(chores, plus exersise
1:00 - 3:00 #2 rests sometimes falls asleep, but not often, I do a little bit of down time(computer or read) make phone calls, pay bills or whatever needs to be done.
3:00 - fire drill time  - straighten up house before DH comes home
3:30 - DH comes home
4:45 I start supper, I usually try to plan it out at breakfast or lunch while I am in the kitchen(I like to make things I can put to gether at lunch time when I can too, that way I can just throw it in the oven at the right time.)
Bedtime is 8:15 and they have to have their bedtime chores/routines done by then and I will read with them for 15 minutes.

On Mondays we have AWANA and DH is the commander so we end up leaving around 5 for that,  On Tuesdays we did have bible study(don't know if that will be the same this year or not) 6:30
On Wednesday at 2:30 #1 has piano lessons and at 5:15 we have dinner with the in-laws  one week at our house, the next at theirs(yay a night off from cooking) Also for September and October I will have a biggest loser meeting at some point (2:00?)
On Thursday's I have Mom's group(ladies bible study) the great thing about this is the kids come with Tiny Tots goes to her class and #2 go with other homeschoolers to work with a room monitor and then they usually play games.  Evenings we are going to have as family devotion night.(we do daily bible in school and at breakfast, but this is as a family)
On Fridays- nothing planned, but it seems like we are on the go a lot visiting my parents for the weekend, camping, vacationing or we have company
Sunday's is Sunday School 8:30(a little early for me, but we manage) then fellowship and Church then set up for AWANA we usually get home about 12:30.  We have officially Made Sunday nights family nights this year since we should all be home - movie, pizza(frozen, home made or occasionally take out) and popcorn - minimal mess and no meal planning.

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Denise said...

I so wish I could wake up at 6:30! I am working toward that goal...
I am glad I found your blog on the hop- I am now following! Have a great day!