Saturday, September 3, 2011

Creation to the Greeks Week 1

A few of the books we used this week.  We read the All-Of-A-Kind Family  a chapter book about a Jewish family in NY and it goes through a year and all the celebrations they have.  This was a great book to read at the beginning of the year to get M interested in the celebrations we will partake in this school year.  When we finished the book Friday M said it was the best book we have read so far since we began homeschooling. Now I don't know if that's my opinion, but we did enjoy it and I'm very glad she did.  We also spent time reading through the days of creation from Genesis and then Molly had to draw them for her History Notebook (oops I forgot to take a picture).  Molly loves to draw so she has also been drawing along with Draw and Write Through History she has drawn plants, trees, a dinosaur, and Adam so far(again I need to take a picture to share).  We have also started reading through Dinosaurs of Eden.
We put up our time line and started with current pictures of the girls, it's convenient that we have it on the chalk board so we can write any dates or information in we feel like. 

In our God and the History of Art we did an activity in frustration.

We spent some time making supplies for our Sabbath Celebration, using Celebrating Biblical Feasts and the Jewish Holiday Crafts book from above.
for reading we are using Heart of Dakota's Drawn Into the Heart of Reading and studied biographies and then M chose a biography to read.  She is reading Emilia Earhart and on this day was assigned to complete a collage to reflect the character in her book.

My goal is to have Home Ecc once a week with M, this week she helped with K's Zucchini cake on Wednesday and then helped me with the challah bread.  We needed together and prayed for family members.

my addition of M's notebook page and her draw and write through history

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