Friday, September 9, 2011

Phy Ed

I seem to struggle with following through with my own Phy Ed classes, lets face it I'm not athletic in the least and other than walking or playing wii games together we haven't really done much on our own.  I make myself feel better  by enrolling them in classes - my rule is only one thing at a time as not to get too overwhelmed with all the running around.  I also feel better knowing they are getting instructions from, well someone who knows what they're talking about - unlike myself.  Last year M did basketball through park and rec,  gymnastic at the Y and swim club.  In the past we have tried soccer and even did a cheer clinic.  Our newest endeavor - Tae Kwan Do.  This is K's first time actually being in anything so she was beyond excited.  What appealed to me was that they could  both be in class together and that it's 2x per week at 3:30(yeah no rushing around to get dinner made!).

They are so cute to watch and I think it's going to be good for them.  The first lesson they learned about stranger danger and how to get away from a stranger.  They are also learning respect and discipline along with I'm sure a whole lot more.  I think we will keep with it till swim starts and then come back to it in March if that's what the kids would like to do.
 Here they are getting their first yellow stripe on their belts after testing on the first 5 moves.

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