Saturday, September 10, 2011

Creation to the Greeks Week 2

well we finished another week around here and things are going well.  We took Monday off for Memorial day, we went to the parade and then the kids had friends over.

we finished up on creation, study Cain and Abel and Noah's Ark.  We are continuing to read about dinosaurs and started a new read aloud - The Tanglewood's Secret

with Noah's ark M played with play doh while I did some reading and drew the arch while we were listing to part of Story of the World cd.  We read a few creation Myths this week also.  We still measured out the ark outside

 In science we are using zoology, starting with zoo1 unit 1 and then we will be moving onto zoo3 -
Land Animals of the 6th Day  We had an experiment about air pressure and how birds fly
we are also studying Vivaldi for music and  continuing on with God and the History of Art and Greek Root words.

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