Sunday, September 18, 2011

Preschool Week 3 Obedience

We  wrapped up our 3rd week of using the curriculum Character Concepts for Preschoolers.  Keely was able to tell me the definition of Obedience with out help -"doing what is expected of me, Cheerfully, Immediately, and thoroughly"  We have been working on the letter A mostly with an apple theme, so it was fitting to end our session with a field trip - the orchard wasn't open yet so we went to the farmers market to buy apples.

we then took the apples and made Grandma's recipe for Apple Cake
 our kitchen time has been a real hit around here.  I have decided to divide and conquer, which I know many of you have more than 2 kids so it's not possible.  K's on Wednesday and we usually bake and M's on Fridays and we do whatever we need as I am trying to make her proficient over all in the kitchen to really become a help to us all(on Friday morning she made soft boiled eggs for her and her sister).

we have been trying to include weekly science experiments from our Mind Blowing Science Kit, here is a sunset in a tube, but I'm not sure we got exactly the results we wanted.

for Art we are continuing on with The Way They See.  We did finger painting which I realized K has never done before - she loved it.  I always let M join in as long as her other work is done.
and last but not least I helped K make this apples and honey plate for our Rosh Hashanah celebration from M's curriculum  since it fit nicely with our apple theme

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