Friday, September 9, 2011

preschool week 2

we are continuing on with our Character Concepts for Preschoolers program, I haven't been that organized with this as I would like to be, but I have made up a grid sheet to use each week from here on out, so I hope to be more thorough and know what I need to be doing after this week.  We didn't do any projects or art or science experiments.  But we did fit in our kitchen time.  I even kicked M out of the kitchen so it really could be K's project.

o.k. not the most nutritious and we didn't use any seasonal items, but it was - use what I had and what I had time for or skip it all together.  Another thing you may notice about my preschooler is she is usually in her pajamas,  she just loves jammies and it's hard to get her to get out of them, so on most days I don't fight it till we have to go somewhere.  Not to mention she has way too many of them and she hates to wear the same set 2 nights in a row.
on another note, we have had great weather her so the girls have ate lunch outside several days this week.

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