Sunday, September 18, 2011

Creation to the Greeks Week 3

M has been working on the books of the old Testament(she actually already knows them for the most part) reviewing last week's verses and continuing on in Genesis - Noah's descendants, Tower of Babel etc.

 We are working our way through draw & write through history as we go through  MFW's history

our Greek root word for the week
We finished listening to the biography of Vivaldi, I printed out a notebook page for her to do and some sheet music for beginners of Spring, which she was able to play without trouble.
we practiced writing in cuneiform and made them out of cookie dough while studying Mesopotamia.  We listen to chapter 2 of story of the world while working on them.

we have been learning poetry using an evan-moore book and this week worked on couplets
 we are working our way through unit 1 of zoo 1 before we begin zoology 3 Land Animals of the 6th Day and this weeks experiment was to make 2 planes - 1 with short fat wing and 1 with long thin wing and see what flew the farthest.
 M made a shofar to be used in our  Rosh Hashanah celebration and I get to blow it to wake her up for the next 10 days as part of the holy days.
and we were able to fit in another art lesson from Artistic Pursuits, they are drawing the horse allowing the pencil to follow the lines their eyes see.  I know we covered other things this week but this is what I can recall for now

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